My Latest Update, the good news and the bad!


Anne G.

Member since:

June 27, 2006

Hello everyone,

Once again I’ve been gone for a bit, and it’s been hard for me to want to write anything.  As most of you are aware, the sentencing for my daughters molester was Feb 25th, and  this time it wasn’t postponed.  The good news is that he received 3-15 years, with no parole for the first 3 years.  The prosecutor told us that relationship counselling herfordshire he would most likely not get parole on his first try either, so we could be pretty confident that he will serve at least six of those years.  That is great.

The bad is what we read in the phsyco sexual evaluation they did on him, prior to sentencing.  We were pretty sure my daughter was not his first victim, but had no idea how bad things truly were.  He admitted to 5 other victims, but the lie detector showed he wasn’t admitting to them all.  There were several other things in the report that I can’t even bring myself to write, but they were beyond horrific.  The worst thing of all, is that we found out one of his victims was our, at the time 3 year old granddaughter, his neice.  She is now in councelling, and the family of another until now, unknown victim has also been contacted, that child was 10. 

If he spent 15 years in prison, it wouldn’t be enough, so we intend to be at every hearing and any and all appeals.  In my opinion, people like this cannot be rehabilitated, and have no business being back in society. 

Anyway, just thought I’d update you all, and let you know how the sentencing went.

Now it’s onto my battle for mandatory sentencing!!!


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