Maintenance :: Maximize Your Vacuum Truck Productivity with Proper Maintenance!

The most vital component of a productive vacuum truck business can be excellent customer service, quality products and an appealing price. When all these factors are combined together, it could be the perfect recipe for a successful business operation. Transposing this into a vacuum truck business means that the services being provided must be of such a quality while maintaining low overhead costs as to result in superior workmanship and service to all customers.

Unlike other businesses, a vacuum truck company’s profitability is affected by the level of productivity it accomplishes which is in turn affected by the number of times the equipment is unusable due to breakdowns that prevent the trucks from working. So this scenario must be avoided as much as possible – which leads to the big question: How can productivity be maximized? The answer is so simple that it should be readily apparent – keep all equipment in its best possible shape.

Routine Maintenance

The first way to keep vacuum trucks properly functioning is to institute a sound routine maintenance program. This is essential to ensure that all equipment is regularly checked for minor damage or problems prior to system failure. Some of the things to be regularly examined would include: a visual check for any leaks; hydraulic fluid levels; all hoses for deterioration and air leaks; and careful examination of the control system. It is imperative to remember that this is not a once-in-a-lifetime activity to be sure that the equipment is functional; this is a thorough examination performed on a regularly-scheduled basis. A vacuum truck company with a good maintenance program can reap significant savings as compared to the cost to repair something that has broken while being used.

Routine Inspection

A vacuum truck can consistently perform hundreds of jobs – when it is properly maintained. To protect the equipment from any costly problems, a pre-inspection should be conducted prior to every job being handled. Establishing a pre-inspection routine can help any business avoid costly equipment failure from happening. System failures can be prevented if all potential problems are discovered before the job begins. A good pre-inspection can eliminate expenses for costly repairs as well as the downtime created when the truck is out-of-service and unable to handle customer needs.

Keep Up With Technology

In this industry, technological advancements bring changes that improve efficiency but also raise the level of knowledge necessary to keep up with such progress. It must be remembered that with constant change comes an increased responsibility to learn the new technology and implement it into every-day working conditions. The negativity of reduced productivity and revenue loss can be completely prevented if equipment is maintained and technology is leveraged in the proper way. All of this can be averted by taking the above-listed necessary steps to increase efficiency, boost performance and augment productivity.

At the end of the day, the completion of a productive working period without interruptions due car disposal Stevenage to breakdowns, system failure or unwanted repairs in the middle of the job should be of vital concern to every vacuum truck business. Keep that vacuum truck in top shape to increase productivity and the results will be overwhelming!


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